Dr. Donald F.H. WallachViroblock S.A. was founded by Dr. Donald F.H. Wallach and incorporated November 2005. Dr. Wallach, an internationally accomplished biochemist and biophysicist, was the first scientist to recognize biological cellular membrane systems (B.S., magna cum laude, Yale University, 1949; M.D., magna cum laude, Harvard Medical School, 1953).

As a professor of biological chemistry at Harvard Medical School and as a biochemist at Massachusetts General Hospital, he performed extensive research on membrane proteins. In 1968, he received the Soriano Professorship for cancer research and two years later received a Guggenheim Fellowship in membrane studies, becoming a member of the Max Planck Society in Germany.

Dr. Wallach was Professor of Radiobiology/Radiation Therapy and Physiology at Tufts University New England Medical Center, where he developed and managed important departmental and institutional grants from the USPHS. At that time, he was also a consultant for USNIH and the WHO Special Programme for Tropical Diseases in Geneva, Switzerland. Retiring from academic medicine in 1987, Dr. Wallach founded and became President of Micro Vesicular Systems, Inc., a bio-tech company that developed non-phospholipids. He retired from Micro Vesicular Systems in 1994 and became a private consultant on artificial membranes and bio-membranes. He has written 10 books, published more than 300 papers, articles and patents, and has also formed and edited several medical journals.

Dr. Wallach served as a Viroblock’s director and head of science until his death in August 2008. Viroblock and the scientific community are forever grateful for his dedication and his contributions.